Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Los Angeles Gunning For History In 2014-2015

There have certainly been a few NHL dynasties throughout the years, but if the Los Angeles Kings could win another Stanley Cup title this season, they could be one of the most unlikely. Hockey is still a work in progress in warmer climates, and the team would be the first true franchise to dominate the NHL for a prolonged period of time. That is what will be motivating this squad heading into the new year more than anything.

For the most part, Los Angeles made sure that they brought back most of the same talent that they had just a year ago. After all, it works, there is no reason to try and fix anything. Marian Gaborik and Matt Greene were locked up with new deals, And the only notable addition was Adam Cracknell. People in fantasy hockey do not really expect him to be much of a contributor this season.

The only guy that Los Angeles could be missing this year is Willie Mitchell. He has been a pretty strong player in fantasy hockey for most of his career, but the 37-year-old is starting to get up there in age little bit. The team feels like they can replace his production, and more than likely they will find somebody to step up.

In the last few years, Los Angeles has been able to have success despite the fact that the Western Conference is pretty strong. The teams in the Pacific division specifically have been pretty tough, but none of them really made a huge splash this offseason to strike fear in Los Angeles in general. Anaheim and San Jose both feel confident that they too can make a Stanley Cup run, but all the history is on Los Angeles’ side.

At the end of the day, no team is going to truly build any type of dynasty unless they have strong play in net. Jonathan Quick and Martin Jones are extremely reliable, and they both have at least a few more years to play at a high level. When they are rolling at just the right time, this team becomes nearly impossible to stop.

by guest writer Zack Kennedy

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