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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rangers Expected To Make Alain Vigneault Next Head Coach

It looks like former Canucks' coach Alain Vigneault is set to take the Head Coach position for the Rangers, beating out Mark Messier who had also been in the running. This will be a great coup for Vigneault as Messier has described coaching the Rangers as a dream job. It’s almost better than winning a massive jackpot at your favourite iPhone casino and fans eagerly await the finalizing of a deal.

Although nothing has been signed yet, it seems that Vigneault is very close to making Broadway his new home as he has the strongest credentials to succeed outgoing head coach John Tortorella. Certainly Vigneault fits the classic coaching carousel criteria in that he has a very different temperament and demeanor to the previous coach and he will certainly shake things up if he is signed.

The concept of Vigneault becoming the next head Coach isn’t a surprising one, but the situation came to a head rather fast as the Rangers had been very quiet about a head coach vacancy. There may have been a few team meetings held out in California but there was no indication of the direction they were planning on going. Seems they like to keep the element of surprise both on the ice and off.

Vigneault had already been approached by the Dallas Stars but the Rangers got aggressive and ensured that they would snare him as their next bench boss. The Stars had already gone as far as putting an offer on the table and were simply waiting for him to sign, but James Dolan stepped in and made sure the Rangers would get their man.

The probable new Rangers coach is the right man for the job and although he has a very different personality to Tortorella this may be exactly what is needed. He has had success at NHL level and took the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Final, accumulated 313 wins in 540 games as the Canucks bench boss and has won a Jack Adams Award.

Although nothing has yet been made official, insiders say that the writing is on the wall and that Vigneault is a head coach in waiting. Now the pressure shifts to Glen Sather who will have to ensure that he can tailor his team to accommodate Vigneault’s style, so this could be an interesting summer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rangers Get Some Much Needed Size & Grit; Acquire Ryane Clowe

While last week this disgruntled Rangers fan wrote about the signing of Mats Zuccarello and how he didn't meet the needs of the Rangers, today it's the opposite story.

News broke late this afternoon that the Ryane Clowe sweepstakes was down to the Rangers and Canucks. Shortly thereafter it was confirmed that the Rangers and Sharks had agreed on a deal and the deal was to be finalized if Clowe agreed as he had a No Trade Clause.

According to TSN:
In return, the Sharks receive a second round selection in the 2013 NHL Draft, Florida's third round selection in the 2013 NHL Draft (previously acquired by New York) and a conditional second round selection in the 2014 NHL Draft.

If Clowe re-signs with the Rangers or the team wins two playoff rounds, the pick remains New York's 2014 second round selection. If neither occurs, the pick becomes New York's fifth round 2014 selection.
While much of the Rangers roster is made up of skilled players who aren't capable of using their body to  screen goalies, get to the opposing team's goal or grind it out along the boards - Clowe is more than capable. He plays like a bull in a China shop. He's a big man who is more than willing to pay the price to get the prime real estate on the ice. He's also not reluctant to drop the gloves when needed. He's your prototypical NHL power forward who is tough as nails, uses his body effectively and can play with the a nasty streak.

There are critics of course because Clowe has yet to score a goal this season and some wonder how a guy with zero goals is supposed to help the Rangers atrocious offense. It's my belief (and assuming Sather's) that Clowe brings intangibles that the Rangers so badly need. The goals will come. Until they do, Clowe will provide screens on the opposing goalie, get to rebounds and create space for whoever the Rangers put on his line.

He's certainly struggled offensively this season through 28 games - but he's had a decent career stats-wise for a player never shy to back down from a physical confrontation or throw his body around. In 423 NHL regular season games he has 271 points (101 goals, 170 assists). His playoff numbers have been even more impressive scoring 45 points (18 goals, 27 assists) in 68 games.

Clowe is exactly what the Rangers needed.  Time will tell how much more, if anything, the Rangers will do prior to tomorrow's 3pm NHL trade deadline.

Oh yeah, I've had a man crush on Ryane Clowe for a long time -- proposing that Sather inquire about him back in June 2009.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Zuccarello Signing All But Confirmed; Last Thing Rangers Need

According to Steve Zipay of NewsDay:
Zuccarello and Rangers have agreed to $$$ number, but docs yet to be signed, and clearance finalized. Not 100 percent done, but expected
While conference rival Pittsburgh Penguins have been busy the past two days adding Brendan Morrow and Douglas Murray it looks like the Rangers are set to bring back Mats Zuccarello.

In my opinion this is a pretty awful attempt to fix the Rangers. The Rangers offense has been awful most of this season which is not something you'd expect from a team with Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards. The truth is, the Rangers have way too many skilled players in their top nine who are not willing to or not capable of using their body to get to the net for rebounds. The Rangers are a perimeter team and unfortunately perimeter teams don't win shit.

Night in and night out the Rangers throw lots of rubber at the opposing goalie. Night in and night out the Rangers make the opposing goalie look like a Vezina candidate. Even the biggest scrub in the NHL can pad his save percentage against the Rangers. Why? Because the Rangers take 30 shots a night from areas of the ice where an average AHL goalie would look like Patrick Roy. Shots from the blue line with no one screening the goalie, no second chance opportunities because no one is getting to rebounds.

The only New York Ranger on the top three lines who effectively uses his body to create scoring opportunities and play the grinding game is Ryan Callahan. The Rangers need size to create space for the skilled players. Instead, the Rangers continue to add more skill, more players with no ability to grind, another player who has no ability to make space for his teammates and another player who will have no ability to get to the high scoring areas.

This is a pathetic attempt by the Rangers to improve their hopes at getting into the playoffs let alone do anything if they do manage to grab a seventh or eighth seed somehow miraculously.

This team gets more and more awful to watch on a nightly basis. No offense ability with a team full of All-Stars. You'd think Rangers management was playing a video game, loading their team with stars. Is there no concept to acquiring players to play within a system or mixing players of different skills (grinders, power forwards, two-way forwards, super starts) to effectively play together? Not in the Rangers front office apparently. Here, the theory is get as much skill as possible and watch them suck. And when that doesn't work, keep doing it.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Ain't No Miller Lite! Rangers Beat Islanders 4-1

Heck of an MSG debut for rookie J.T. Miller playing in just his second NHL game. He opened the scoring for the Rangers and added another as the Rangers beat the Islanders 4-1.

The other Rangers goals were scored by Marian Gaborik (6th of year) and an empty net goal by Ryan McDonagh.

The win gave the Rangers their fifth win of the season and was an all around good effort. It was only the second time this season the Rangers didn't allow a power play goal against and the first time all season they scored a power play goal and didn't allow a power play goal against.

With scoring like that, he might be a valuable addition to your fantasy hockey team if you are in a deep league.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video: Callahan Injured In Rangers Win

The Rangers moved to 3-3 on the season with a 2-1 over the Flyers last night at MSG and are now third in the Atlantic Division. One huge negative coming out of the game is the potential loss of Captain Ryan Callahan who left the game in the third period with what looked like a shoulder injury.

Early in the third period, Callahan and Max Talbot started pushing and shoving and just as we were getting our popcorn ready for a  dosey doe Callahan and Talbot fell to the ice. It looked fairly innocent at the time. But, Callahan got up holding his left shoulder and skate right off the ice.

I hope I'm wrong but it definitely looked like it could be a dislocated shoulder. After the game the Rangers didn't have an update on Callahan's condition.

If you missed the game, or the third period, here's video of the incident [via SB nation].

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rangers Rumored Interested In Subban, Should They Be?

via Flickr
Montreal and restricted free agent PK Subban are apparently still very far apart when it comes to signing a contract extension. Subban has yet to play a game this season and based on the way contracts talks are looking, it doesn't sound like he'll be playing in Montreal any time soon.

As you'd expect, this has got the rumor mill going. Several teams are rumored to be in the mix for Subban; including the Rangers and Flyers.

I don't think the Rangers should be in the mix here. There is one main reason why Sather shouldn't even be picking the phone up. Ignore the fact the Canadiens are going to want an arm and a leg for Subban. Ignore the fact that as the NY Rangers Blog points out, this could cause problems down the line for the Rangers attempts to sign their own restricted free agents.

The main reason the Rangers should not be inquiring about Subban is the fact he seems to be a problem in the locker room. Last season alone he got into physical confrontations with four of his own teammates (David Desharnais, Mathieu Darche, Louis Leblanc & Tomas Plekanec). The odd skirmish at practice is often seen as no big deal. But, when the same player is involved time and time again you have to think that maybe he is a problem.

Last year the Rangers seemed to have real good chemistry and a lot of the players seemed like they really were friends off the ice. To me, that's important. If you are friends with your teammate you will be willing to do anything for him and want to do your best not to let your team down. If you got a guy like Subban on your team, no matter how talented he is, there's a serious chance he's going to significantly screw up alter that chemistry.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arnott Fails Physical, Deal With Rangers Called Off

Well, that was short lived.

The one year deal the Rangers were apparently prepared to sign Jason Arnott to has been called off as Arnott apparently failed his physical today. 

This isn't something you hear about often. The last time I recall hearing a player fail a physical was in 2009 when Kyle McLaren was traded by the Sharks to the Flyers and the deal was called off when McLaren failed the physical.

According to ESPN:
Arnott reportedly underwent arthroscopic knee surgery this past summer after playing through both a knee and shoulder injury last season.
I wonder if any of these injuries were what led to Arnott's failed physical. Disappointed to be honest because I was a big advocate of the signing as it would give the Rangers more size up the middle and a veteran who knows how to win faceoffs.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rangers Sign Jason Arnott

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TSN reporting that the Rangers have signed the 38 year old veteran center, Jason Arnott, to a one year deal. According to the initial reports Arnott is on his way to New York to finalize the deal which is believed to be a cap hit of around $1.6M.

I actually was advocating for this signing prior to last season and now that it's happened a year later I'm very please. Obviously if the Rangers are going to rely on this guy heavily for offense they are in trouble. But, he's a big body who has been around and has a Cup.

Arnott is a good faceoff man and will likely see power play time, where he will hopefully stand in front of the net and screen the goalie and bang in a few rebounds.

If Arnott can come in, play in the bottom six, win more faceoffs than he loses and get anything more than 25 points this will be a huge help to the Rangers.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When He's On, He's On!

That was a hell of a game last night for the New York Rangers and Marian Gaborik. In a game the Rangers desperately needed to get some points in after losing the first two games of the season, they showed up to play.

Marian Gaborik was the star of the show, ending the game less than thirty seconds into overtime with his third goal of the game. Gaborik had scored his first two goals in the first period to give the Rangers an early 2-0 lead.

Those who had New York Rangers tickets were not disappointed as the game was filled with seven goals, a fight, end to end action, hard hitting and some solid goaltending.

The Rangers are back on the ice tonight when they take on the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are winless this season and will be without Braydon Schenn who was suspended one game for a charging call on the Devils Anton Volchenkov on Tuesday night. The Flyers will also be without Scott Fartsmell who is out indefinitely with a leg/foot injury.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rangers Better Start Getting Points

The Bruins come into the Garden tonight with a start to the season that is the polar opposite of the Rangers. The Bruins beat the Jets in a shootout on Monday night after knocking off the Rangers in the season opener in Boston on Sunday.

The Rangers on the other hand have had about as shitty a start to the season as you could imagine; losing Saturday to the Bruins and then were beaten fairly easily 6-3 on Sunday at the Garden by the Penguins.

I didn't see the Boston game on Saturday, so I can't pretend to compare what they did in that one to what they need to do tonight. But, I can tell you they sure as hell better show up willing to play better than they did on Sunday against the Pens. On Sunday for a good three-quarters of the game if you told me the Rangers thought it was the NHL All-Star game I would've believed you. The forecheck was weak most of the game and it seemed like the defense lacked any tenacity in their own zone. Penguins were allowed to skate freely through the center of the ice with and without the puck. Lundqvist wasn't terrible, but at the same time, he didn't do much to help his team prior to being pulled midway through the game.

Stu Bickel who was to blame for the second goal on Sunday against the Pens has gotten the wrath of most fans. But, let's be realistic the Rangers didn't lose because of Bickel's gaff on the second goal. The Rangers lost because they were pretty awful. Marian Gaborik was invisible as was Derek Stepan.

Rick Nash who scored a short-handed goal in the loss on Sunday was in my opinion the best Ranger on the ice. In the first period he threw a couple of big hits in one shift, he used his body down low on a few occasions and he looked like the only NYR forward with an ounce of creativity.

One team is going to start the season with a three game streak, the Rangers are hoping that it isn't them.

In a shortened NHL season, the old saying you can't make the playoffs in the first month of the season but you can certainly miss them because of the first month, is even more true than usual.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Hockey Links

  • recap of last night's 6-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • If you missed Brook Orpik's hit on Kreider at the end of last night's game, you can check that out over at The Pens Blog. Of course after the hit many on Twitter were complaining to which I responded "to the people yapping about Orpik please stop, it's hockey, you play till the buzzer. Nothing wrong with the hit."
  • Apparently, after the game, John Tortorella echoed my sentiments.
  • Rick Nash's first goal as a New York Ranger was a short handed goal at MSG. [Video]
  • Lundqvist's possible save of the year candidate on David Krecji on Saturday in Boston
  • Here are the Rangers fights from the weekend:
    • Mike Rupp vs Shawn Thornton (Bruins) [Video]
    • Stu Bickel vs Gregory Campbell [Video]
    • Arron Asham vs. Tanner Glass [Video]

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rangers & Sharks Make Minor Trade

In a trade involving minor leaguers, the Rangers acquired forward Brandon Mashinter from San Jose. In return, the Sharks acquired Tommy Grant and a conditional pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

According to Hockey's Future:
Mashinter plays with physicality and grit while working the boards well down low but has to drive the front of the opposition's net more often. The hulking winger needs improvement in his skating stride and defensive game to develop into a power forward but needs to get in the high traffic areas to score not trying to be a shooter or a sniper. He projects as a third or fourth line checking forward if he gets to the NHL.
Last season Mashinter played 65 games for Worcester (Sharks AHL affiliate) recording 33 points (16 goals, 17 assists).  In 2011-12 he recorded two Gordie Howe hat-tricks on Dec. 30 and Feb. 4. (source)

Something tells me you won't need New York Rangers tickets to see Mashinter play this season, he's added depth for the Whale.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looks Like Redden Could Be Bought Out This Week

According to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN the NHLPA and NHL have come to an agreement on players who were being sat out this year in order to be bought out this summer.

News broke Sunday that Scott Gomez was told by Montreal not to bother showing up to the mini-training camp. Similarly, the New York Rangers planned on doing the same thing with Wade Redden. As Bob McKenzie wrote last week, the Rangers had three options as to what to do with Redden and the most obvious was sit him out the entire season and then buy him out this summer.

After these two players made the news as casualties of the new CBA - not just being buried in a minor league hidden from the NHL, but prohibited from playing hockey to avoid injury - it was reported the NHLPA were discussing the issue with the league. Seems odd to me that this wasn't discussed during the lockout which cost us almost half a season. One would think that somewhere along the line someone had to think to themselves how the new amnesty buyout would effect players with atrocious contracts who would be bought out next season.

TSN is reporting the deal between the NHLPA and NHL means:
teams are now eligible to exercise an "accelerated compliance buyout" on one player with a salary cap hit of $3 million or more before the regular season begins on Saturday.
If a compliance buyout is used this week, a team will have only one left to use next summer.
To be fair, we all know that neither Gomez nor Redden lived up to their contracts. Both players were severely overpaid and never lived up to the contracts Sather signed them to you. It doesn't day the NHL director of scouting to see that. However, it seems extremely unfair to the players if they were forced to sit out a year to await a buyout this summer. Don't get me wrong, these guys are going to be laughing all the way to the bank (not that they haven't been doing that for the past few years), but sitting out an entire year basically would've forced these two veterans to the brink of retirement. Hard to recover from that much of a lay off from any competitive sport, nevermind a professional league where you are already reaching the last few years of your career.

I've said before that Wade Redden is still an NHL defenseman. When he was sent by the Rangers to Hartford it was my belief that Wade Redden would easily make any NHL roster as a top six defenseman. The problem is, he wasn't the number one or even top pairing defenseman that his contract signified he should be.

The Scott Gomez era in New York ended miraculously in the summer of 2009 when somehow Sather sent the overpaid Gomez to the Habs in a deal that landed blue chip prospect Ryan McDonagh - who is now arguably the team's best defenseman. Now, perhaps he and Redden will continue their NHL careers somewhere at a contract more in tune with what they can bring to a team.

In order for a player to be bought out this week, he still must clear waivers first. The Rangers and Montreal will take the full cap hit on each player for this season, less the $900,000 for not burying the player in the minors, but suffer no cap hit next season or beyond.

Do the Rangers and Canadiens owe these players anything? Probably not. But, I think that for the cap hit of $900k this year, both teams are likely to buy out their respective player and allow them to pursue their career elsewhere rather than forcing them into a likely early retirement.

Something tells me after they're bought out and re-signed elsewhere they still won't have any problems affording New York Rangers tickets!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Del Zotto Signs Two Year Deal With Rangers, Sign Gilroy

The Rangers also signed UFA Matt Gilroy, who played last season with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Gilroy played two seasons with the Rangers after signing as a free agent out of college in 2009.

The Del Zotto deal is reported to be $2.55 per year for two years.
Just hours ahead of the first day of the delayed 2012-13 NHL training camp the Rangers signed restricted free agent Michael Del Zotto to a new deal. The details of the contract haven't been released but it's reported to be a two year deal.

Based on the length of the deal, I think the Rangers are probably paying a little less for each of the two years than they would've had to pay had the deal been stretched out for another year. If I were to speculate about the salary, I'd expect it's for around $2.5M per year.

Getting Del Zotto re-signed was important for both sides because according to the NY Daily News "he would not have been allowed to participate until he signed, and without arbitration rights, he would have remained under the club’s control until he inked or the team sought a trade."
  • In other NHL news, the Montreal Canadiens told former New York Ranger, Scott Gomez, not to bother showing up for training camp. If you're a Habs fan you might want to not read this next part - the Rangers traded Gomez to the Canadiens in June 2009 in a deal that brought Ryan McDonagh to the Rangers. Since then, McDonagh has flourished on the Rangers blue line and Gomez struggled offensively in Hab land.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rangers' Sauer Won't Play This Season

According to Larry Brooks, when the NHL season finally gets underway in the next few weeks, all New York Rangers will be ready to go except Mike Sauer.

As you may recall, Sauer has been out with concussion symptoms since this massive hit by Dion Phaneuf early last season.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Departed Rangers So Far

Brandon Prust
I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss this guy. He played hockey the way it's supposed to be played. A guy that meets all of the hockey cliches; wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves it all on the ice. Unfortunately for the Rangers and fortunately for Prust, the Montreal Canadiens decided to overpay him. A lot of Rangers fans got pissed off at Prust when it was rumored that he was demanding $2.2M per year from the Rangers or else he would sign elsewhere.

However, this is a business. The truth of the matter is, these guys (especially the 3rd & 4th liners) have short windows to make as much money as possible. For all Prust knows, this could be his last NHL contract. For all any of these players know, they go out tomorrow morning and have a freak accident that ends their hockey career. What then? A few hundred thousand may not seem like a lot of money when you're talking about millions of dollars but it's still a **** load of money.

$100k - $200k per year (which is what people are saying he should easily walk away from), is probably a hell of a lot more than he'll be making in any post-hockey career. For the most part these guys are finished playing hockey in their early 30s (yes some go longer, but the avg. career is long done by then).

As a fan, yes, we all want our players to take pay cuts due to loyalty. But, for the most part this is not the way the world works -- the NHL and hockey players are no different.

The only time he needs to wake up and realize "he's just a fourth line player" is if no one else in the NHL is willing to ante up the cash. Heck, if someone else comes along and offers him $2.5M (which the Habs decided to do) he's not just a 4th line player, now he's a 4th line player making $2.5M

Ruslan Fedotenko
Interestingly on the backend of his NHL career, Fedotenko continues to get pay raises. He joined the Rangers in 2010-2011 signing a one year contract for $1M and then re-signed with the Rangers for another year in 2011-12 making $1.4M. One day into free agency this offseason the Rangers were not willing to offer Fedotenko another pay raise as division rivals the Philadelphia Flyers  signed him to another a one year deal, this time for $1.75 million.

Fedotenko was a solid New York Ranger, another bottom six guy who gave it his all most nights. However, his offensive game has been on the decline, last season finishing with 9 goals, his lowest production in eleven NHL seasons. Fedotenko has been known for his playoff heroics, especially the way he played for the Lightning (2003-04) and Penguins (2008-09) in Cup winning years. He played better this post-season than he did during the regular season but it would be hard to argue offering Fedotenko the type of money that the Flyers signed him to. 

Some of these UFAs got some nice pay days this July with new contracts. Now they have plenty of cash to spend over at

Mats Zuccarello
Came to the Rangers with a huge fanfare after getting the MVP of the Swedish Elite League in 2009-2010. However, he never lived up to expectations in New York. Some will argue that he was never given the opportunity. However, Zuccarello is a highly skilled, finesse player who needs to be in the top six on an NHL team. He just was not good enough to demand top six minutes in either of his two seasons with the New York Rangers.

I won't say that Zuccarello will never play in the NHL but it takes a special player to make it in the NHL with Zuccarello's size. He may return one day, but with the core group of forwards that the Rangers currently have heading into the 2012-13 NHL season, it's likely that even if he were brought back he'd spend the majority of his time in Connecticut. 

He was an RFA this summer and signed a two year deal with the KHL team Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

John Mitchell
He was called up on my birthday (November 25) last season and stuck with the big club for the remainder of the season and played a role in getting the Rangers to the Eastern Conference Finals. He grew on me as the season wore on. There were quick glimpses of skill but he spent the majority of his 63 regular season games stuck on the fourth line. He got a 2 year deal ($1.1M per) from the Avalanche as a UFA. As the roster is now, his fourth line spot will be filled by Jeff Halpern, one of the better faceoff players in the NHL last season.

Jeff Woywitka
Played the seventh defenseman role until Stu Bickel was recalled and claimed a spot on the Rangers roster last season. He's returning to St. Louis where he played previously.

John Scott
"Big" John Scott who the Rangers acquired at the Trade Deadline last season for a fifth round pick will not return for another season on Broadway. He's been signed to a one year contract by the Buffalo Sabres. Not surprising to be honest. He's not a Torts type of player, he's a heavyweight that isn't going to get much ice time. We've seen over the years that if you can only fight and can't take a regular shift, John Tortorella isn't going to have much time for you.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rangers Guaranteed To Finish Regular Season 1st in East!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Carl Hagelin Autograph Signing In Hackensack, NJ Wednesday, March 14th

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Rangers Acquire John Scott; Physical Defenseman

The Rangers have added rugged defenseman John Scott from the Chicago Blackhawks for a 5th round pick. Certainly a depth move. Scott is known more for dropping his gloves than anything else. Oh yeah ... he's 6'8 and 270lbs!

See the rest of today's trades here

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are The Rangers Out Of The Running For Nash? Dreger Says So

Image Source
I don't know about all Rangers fans, I'm sure there are plenty out there that want Glen Sather to make a trade to land Rick Nash, but I'm certain that feel the same as me and we've all let out a collective sigh of relief tonight. If Darren Dreger is correct, it appears that the Rangers are out of the bidding for superstar sniper, who is far and away the biggest name rumored to be available prior to Monday's NHL Trade Deadline.

Dreger states:
Hard to blame NYR for not blowing up team to make Nash trade.

NYR wasn't willing to pay price established for Nash prior to today + today CBJ asked for more than they were originally after.
Yeah, I've been against this since the rumor came out and over the past week my opinion on the matter hasn't changed one bit. I'm not against the Rangers adding one or two players. In fact, I think they need at least one more person who can put the puck in the net on a regular basis. However, I'm not against blowing up this entire roster, a team that has done pretty damn well for itself this season.

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